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Saving energy is sweeeeeet!

Saving energy is sweeeeeet!

I am tired of switching off lights and exhaust fans after my kids. And I’m tired of yelling at them for leaving them on.  They’re kids. Kids do these things. They don’t care. But wh...

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Bidgely Means Happy Customers understand just what the impact of different appliances and different behaviors are in terms of the consumption of electricity.

Amy Kight Costadone Quote Amy Kight Costadone Principal Product Manager at PG&E

Disaggregation is the holy grail of energy efficiency. Bidgely makes it real.

Carrie Armel Quote Carrie Amel Stanford University

It's a real eye opener to see real-time spikes that occur at certain times.

John Doe Quote Bidgely Customer since 2013

I was able to educate the kids in the household to turn things off because I could show the difference in cost.

John Doe Quote Bidgely Customer since 2012