Reimagine consumer engagement
Relevant, timely, personalized insights empower consumers and help build enduring relationships
Insights into appliance-specific energy usage and costs empower consumers to save more
Eliminate the challenges of traditional online surveys via a disaggregation-powered approach
Behavioral demand response generates results at lower cost and enables expansion to millions of homes
Tools and insights to help educate and encourage consumers to adopt and accept new rates


Extending disaggregation to transform utility decision-making. Learn more
Granular, appliance based targeting & insights enable improved program design, enrollment and performance.
Support new revenue generation opportunities such as marketplaces, energy services and electrification.
Optimize load forecasting, analyze DERs, and improve scenario analysis to thrive through the energy transition.

Consumer Engagement

A personalized, consistent experience regardless of meter type
Provide alerts and information via multiple channels: Web, mobile, SMS, email, paper, and voice
Replace once-per-month interactions with multiple proactive touchpoints to build trust and satisfaction
A risk-free approach to transition outdated Home Energy Reports to digital eHERs

Energy Efficiency

Personalized insights into appliance-specific energy usage and costs empower consumers to understand where and how much they can save

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Bidgely utilizes a unique combination of appliance-level insights, savings recommendations, and notification strategies to consistently engage consumers and achieve reliable, proven energy efficiency results.

Audits / Surveys / Assessments

Improve take-up rates
Consumers can access rich information even without answering any questions, making it more enticing for them to take the survey
Increase completions
Bidgely pre-fills the survey questions via disaggregation, thereby reducing the number of survey questions and further increasing completion rates
Dynamic updates
When usage patterns change, the Bidgely platform automatically identifies the changes instead of relying on the consumer to update their answers
Field support
Optimized field audit functionality is integrated with utility scheduling and reporting systems, enhancing field auditors’ efficiency

Behavioral Demand Response

Bidgely’s award-winning behavioral demand response (BDR) solution is scalable to all homes, engaging consumers with personalized savings goals and tips. The solution is configurable for incentive and non-incentive programs and has proven peak demand reduction similar to hardware-based solutions.


New Rate Adoption

Explanations of rates and how they might affect consumers’ bills
Timely alerts, such as when a peak period is about to begin or end
When and how consumers need to change their appliance usage to reduce their monthly bills
Decrease objections and increase acceptance of new rates via bill management
Administrative console for visibility and control
Support Rep
Support reps have a 360° view of consumer touch points through the billing period and can assess engagement to recommend additional services
Business Analyst
Business teams can measure program effectiveness via a consolidated dashboard. View metrics on interaction activity and channels to optimize engagement
Field Auditor
Auditors can access status and results of surveys and audits, and can recommend additional services and programs to increase savings
Manage users including email and SMS subscription status. Integration with the utility’s authentication system provides seamless access